I did one of those things I’ve been meaning to do since we’ve lived here, but just haven’t managed to do so. I finally got myself to the top of Cowles Mountain, and I’ll never go on a Saturday again. I can see an early weekday morning excursion being a better experience, less crowded, fewer people competing for space. I didn’t enjoy being made to feel as though I was in the way by the many folks running up and down the trail. It was, however, lovely, exhilarating, and totally worth the social awkwardness. It also got me thinking about the many other quintessential San Diego experiences that we have yet to do.

There is time yet left in this summer and I intend to make the most of it!

I’d be extremely proud of us if we managed to:

Hike and swim at Torrey Pines

Spend the day at La Jolla Shores

Visit the Zoo

Explore Barrio Logan

It’s ambitious to think we’ll get to all of these before school starts, whatever that may mean. But this is a time for pushing myself, so anything can happen.

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