Physiologically, I’m in a funk. My week long inability to sleep has given way to complete exhaustion, and now twice in a row I’ve missed sitting down at the end of the day to write out a few thoughts, a part of processing this journey I absolutely do not want to forsake. But getting through the past couple of days has been like wading through molasses, not even cleaning has helped to speed the time along. And the truth is I haven’t been very still, I’ve used my body more in the last ten days than in the last ten months, and I’ve got quite the ordered home to show for all this buzzing about.

Have you ever avoided something because it seemed insurmountable? That’s how I’ve felt about organizing our house for almost as long as we’ve lived here. It just seemed an arduous and pointless task, having grown accustomed to moving before ever having any time to really settle into a living space. Months turned into years, I used one excuse after another, and finally after little more than a week, our entire home is moved into, organized, usable, clean.

We’ve created a lot of space by sorting through and purging our belongings, letting go of things that no longer served us. My daughter, always one for detail oriented work, took to overhauling a severely neglected closet and was beaming with pride as she showed me her hard earned accomplishment. That’s how I feel about our whole house, proud.

The truth is, a lot of hard work goes into our living in San Diego. This is an expensive place to call home, no doubt about it. But somehow we’ve managed to stay in the same spot for close to three years and I’m pretty sure we’ll always look back fondly upon the time we lived in this house. Even more fondly as in its current condition, this place is about as put together as any place we’ve ever lived.

And we have lived a lot of places!

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