When I decided to go ahead and order the few things I needed from IKEA to finish creating my work space, I hadn’t really started on the rest of the house and the Garage Project hadn’t even crossed my mind.  Had I known that I’d have to wait more than two weeks for delivery, I’m not sure I would have gone forward with making the purchase.  But, I did place the order and had no other choice but to wait.

I’m no good at waiting.  I get antsy real quick.  So antsy, in fact, I haven’t stopped moving since.  We haven’t stopped moving.  Tonight, my kids are sleeping in a bedroom that is one soon-to-be delivered rug away from being done.  There is fresh paint curing in the hallway and art hanging in the bathroom.  

Turns out, my workstation taking this long to get here might be one of the best things that could have happened.  Because, by the time it arrives, chances are the rest of the house (including the garage!) will be almost finished.

If I weren’t completely exhausted, I’d be doing a happy dance.

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  1. I Love your writing Lynzie! I Love to hear how your special Magic let Light Bless Time…and you created a happy place in almost no Time, with such great desire and focus.

    I pray for the same Magic to let Light Bless Time in our relationship…after all, miracles happen everyday.

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