Overflowing with questions is how I’d respond to an inquiry as to my current state of being. How it’s going? I’m not quite sure.

Here’s what I know for certain: I love my family, our home, making things with my hands, writing, dancing, living in San Diego, and eating great food.

Everything else is up for debate, as far as I’m concerned. I read somewhere recently that if it terrifies and excites you, then it’s probably worth pursuing. I think about this multiple times a day. I also think that not advocating for necessary change is consenting to things staying exactly as they are. No, thank you!

This is a time of great unrest, great uncertainty, and great transition. I see it in the world. I see it in myself.

While I have absolutely no idea how best to proceed at this precise moment, I know the only way forward is bravely and truthfully.

I’ll choose my words carefully, but silent I shall not be.


Brain fried. Heart broken.

Tomorrow is another day.

(Grateful beyond words for the loving support of my sweet husband, his partnership truly makes all the difference.)


Yes, it’s ending in an odd way, but it’s the final school night of the year and that calls for some sort of celebration. We grilled a pizza.

Actually, we grilled two – one for lunch and another for dinner.

Also, we went to IKEA, inside the store. Remember when I had to wait three weeks for an order to be delivered? Those days, it seems, have passed.

A family errand. A pizza party. And two of our vegetable starts spending their first night outside.

I see you coming, summer.


I’m tired. Are you tired? Surely, you must be tired. This is tiring. This quarantine, this working from home whilst homeschooling, these protests. It’s all so overwhelming.

It was over ninety degrees in San Diego today, which is practically scorching. Something about the heat has scrambled my brain because there is not much happening by way of firing synapses or the formulation of coherent thoughts.

I did discover that my deadline for writing narrative end-of-year student reports is a full three weeks later than I had originally thought, which felt like a huge victory amidst all this mental unrest.

I’ve been noticing that my eyes have been bothering me more than usual, hardly at all surprising given their excessive screen exposure as of late. I finally went in for an eye exam yesterday to discover that my previous prescription is actually too strong. This is confusing not only because I haven’t worn my glasses in close to a year, but also because does this mean I should keep not wearing them? Who’s to say!

Tomorrow begins the first round of class farewells. The end really is beginning and I am quite ready.


It is without much heartache at all that I bid adieu to my virtual classrooms, though it is with quite a bit of gratitude. I am fortunate to have been able to continue working throughout these twelve weeks of quarantine, even if the work hardly resembled my actual job.

I miss my students, I miss teaching in a physical classroom, I miss the energy of our campus. But, it’s Sunday night, and I am keenly aware of how much more relaxed I am than were I to be faced with an alarm clock and a rush to get everyone out the door in time for school tomorrow.

The chaos of a Monday morning is something I do not miss in the least.

Just four more days left before students are released for summer break and we teachers turn our attention to report writing and “planning” for next year. I use the term planning loosely, because who knows what’s going to happen next week let alone next September? Nevertheless, we are attempting to forge ahead with good intentions and lot of hope.

As I personally reflect on this crazy intense school year and contemplate what’s next, one thing is for certain – I love to make stuff with my hands.


It’s a little bit like racing to the finish line at the moment. Today has been a frenzy of shooting, editing, uploading, posting, then repeating the process for each of my classes and I’m still not quite through all of them. So. Close.

The irony, of course, is that now that I (sort of) have the hang of the whole thing, the school year is ending.

Six sleeps left!


For the past couple weeks, I have been planning to buy my mister a grill in honor of both Father’s Day, and the fact that we have settled into this tiny apartment palace of ours with the intention of remaining through the end of next June at minimum. Finishing off our outdoor space in time for the summer season seemed like an excellent way to commemorate these two important milestones.

But, when I saw fresh peaches for sale at the market yesterday, I knew there was no way I could wait almost three more weeks for our first outdoor dinner. The moment I got home from the market, I sent B out on a reconnaissance mission to determine the grill he’d like to own. A little more than two hours later, we were all on our way back home from the Home Depot with a shiny new grill stuffed into the trunk of our hybrid.

We’ll dine al fresco for the second time this evening, and I can assure you, it will not be the last. Also, if you’ve never grilled a fresh peach, then I just don’t know what you are waiting for. You will thank me later, I promise.

PROJECT 26: 1/26

It quite possibly goes without saying that I’ve never done a photo project like this before. When I was thinking about how best to accomplish documenting a day in the life, I decided to break my day up into hours and to try and capture a few shots within each block of time. This seemed to work pretty well throughout most of the day, but I found that the night time hours kind of ran into one another. I was up for longer than the photos perhaps reflect, though I was essentially doing the same activity – shooting video tutorials and uploading them to my channel. And knitting.

Overall, I’m pleased with the images I ended up with. It took me a few days to figure out how to get them from my phone to my computer, and then a few more days still to work my way through them, editing when necessary, before bringing them into this space.

There are a lot of images, and while I thought about letting them speak for themselves, I chose to offer a bit of context to each.

6-7 AM

Morning view out my window. Not pictured, the chirping birds that wake me each day.
Checking in on my vegetable sprouts, and my other favorite morning view.
First shot of the day.

7-8 AM

My slumbering sons.
Bedroom latte.
Joined by my girl and some moody morning light.

8-9 AM

Party of three!
Working from the kitchen table, about to type this post.

9-10 AM

The daily fluffing of the nests, this one is Jade’s. She made that quilt!

10-11 AM

Only one day left on her birthday chain!
Mid-morning snack, with a side of seventh grade geometry.
Little lefty.

11-12 PM

Class is in session.
Elastic repair.
Today’s constant companion.
Secret snack break.
Always a treat to have fresh peonies in the house.
Brand new tube of my all-time favorite facial cleanser.
Someone enjoyed our recent family movie night.

1-2 PM

Jesse and I surprised tomorrow’s birthday girl with a special lunch date.

2-3 PM

Dessert, too!

3-4 PM

Frozen raspberries and a peek at my desk.
Email and edits.

4-5 PM

Snack break brothers.
Afternoon stroll.
I have a deep love for handpainted signs.

5-6 PM

A few party essentials from one of our local markets.

6-7 PM

Dinner prep.

7-8 PM

Checking on my seeds, hoping they sprout. (Spoiler alert: they do!)

8-9 PM

Bath time.
The last shot of my thirteen year old girl.

9-10 PM

Back in the studio (my assistant is up way past his bedtime).
My #100squaresforemet collection has really grown.


These images document Wednesday, 5/26/20. All photos were taken with my iPhone 8 Plus. Any processing was done through the editing tool directly in Microsoft Photo.

These images may not be used for any purposes without my express written consent. All rights reserved.


The best part of being the writer, editor, and publisher of this here chronicle is that only I can determine a deadline. The worst part of being the writer, editor, and publisher is that it’s a lot of work. Now that I’m adding photographer to my list of titles, the workload has increased dramatically.

After getting a little wound up about the fact that I couldn’t get some of the photos to upload, and then further wound up about how long the whole process was taking, I stepped back (and into that screaming hot bath), and realized that the deadline I had given myself was flexible, not fixed. It made little to no difference if I shared the post on Tuesday as I had planned, or on Friday when it is more likely to be ready. The point of this photo project is not to stress myself out about turnaround time, the point is to document my day with a camera and then share the images here.

All of which to say, I’m learning.

In unrelated news, I framed two pieces of art today that my handsome husband promptly helped me to hang. That might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but when each of the pictures were drawn when the artists were four years old, and the artists are now fourteen and nearly seventeen years old, and ever since these drawings were created you’ve been keeping them in a folder with the intention of framing them but never have? Talk about a momentous occasion, and on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.

My little guy took a pretty respectable tumble during our walk to the mailbox this afternoon. He’s been tenderly nursing his road rash for the past few hours and I’m going to console him with an episode of Curious George, which is ordinarily considered weekday contraband.

I suppose it’s been an extraordinary day after all.