We built the baby’s cradle tonight. We are getting ready, folks!

I had a follow up appointment for my foot and the good news is that I’m healing, but not very quickly, because my body is growing things other than my bones. So relax, says the good doctor. And stay off my feet, which is pretty much the hardest thing for me to do. Hello, swollen ankles.

Things have come together rather quickly over the last week, meaning that we went from not having anything for the baby to having a place for our tiny one to sleep. And a car seat! There are baby socks, and they are so small. I look at Emet’s sock, which happens to be the same size at Babe’s, and it’s just crazy how fast it all goes. Really.

There is still quite a lot left to do before this baby arrives, and not that much pregnancy left to do it. This darn foot of mine is not helping, but it is forcing me to go slower, which in itself is a good thing? At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’ve been waiting for months to read the first book Ina May Gaskin ever wrote, intentionally saving it for this last stretch before the home birth….

I can’t believe we’re less than 50 days away from having a baby right here in our house.



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Today, we celebrated 35 years of Mister Babe Elliott Baker, the most lovely human of all.

Actually, the celebration started Friday, with a leisurely date night. Just the two of us, we enjoyed an incredible meal, found this great jacket for the birthday boy, and caught a very late showing of Wolf of Wall Street. Even though I slept for more than two of the three hour film, it was our first trip to the movie theatre since 2012 and I loved every second of it. Plus, I’d already seen it (I’d like the thank the Academy for that one) so a nap on the lap of my love was pretty much perfection.

In spite of yesterday’s royal SNAFU, we managed to get ourselves good and ready to have this baby by finally ordering all the supplies for the home birth. The nesting hormones have kicked in at full throttle, and I’d have reorganized my entire house if it weren’t for this foot of mine. Why oh why did I have to break my foot? I’m still searching for the lesson in this one, though I have my theories.

We had intended to go to the museum today, but learned last minute that it is closed this week for installation! Instead, we spent the day having spontaneous adventures that included donuts for brunch, and you just can’t go wrong when your day starts with donuts, am I right? The kids and I made sure the guest of honor felt positively spoiled, and I mean, I couldn’t have had a better time if it were my own birthday. Which is convenient, seeing as today is my half-birthday.

Isn’t that cute?



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Something’s happening. I don’t know what precisely, but something. Something good. And I’m pretty excited about it.

This spring has been intense, in the best and worst ways possible. Actually, the past few years have been that way, full of great things and terrible things and everything in between. It’s been a time of tremendous transition which, quite frankly, shook me to my core. But it takes being shaken to your core to find out what your core is made of, is what I have learned.

Turns out, I’m stronger than I thought I was. Smarter, too. And a lot more broken than I ever allowed myself to acknowledge. Broken isn’t a bad thing, it’s an invitation for attention. Anything worth keeping around awhile requires a little mending now and then, you know what I mean?

Today, my mister and me, we went for a bike ride together. It’s easily been a year since the last time I rode my bike, my beloved bike which was stolen – along with all of our other bikes – from our backyard several months ago and was only recently replaced. Cycling, like writing, was once a central part of my everyday existence. It was my only form of transportation for years, and I loved it. A lot.

Being back on two wheels, pedaling through traffic and navigating city streets, had every cell of my body vibrating like the strings on a finely tuned instrument. This is what it feels like to be alive, I reminded myself.

So yes, I’m excited. About this blog, about my bike, about summer, about life. Thank goodness because it was getting a little dire. I’ll spare you the details. But I will say this: the best has yet to come.

Now that’s something.