I’m a big fan of the work of Mary Kate McDevitt, a talented illustrated based out of Brooklyn. Her whimsical style is one of my favorites when it comes to hand lettering. One of these days, I’d like to take her Skillshare class, but for now I’ll just admire her talent whilst attempting to fiddle with fancy type on my own.

In other news, it’s only Wednesday and I’m beat! I’ve been a busy bee, but I have to say, although I’m tired as can be, it does feel good to get some stuff done.



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My beautiful and brilliant friend Kate writes 365 til 30, a blog based on bringing dreams to life, where she gracefully and humbly shares her journey to becoming her truest self. She is one of the best ladies that I know, and I’m so glad to call her my friend.

Today, I had the honor of being interviewed for a series she created called Project 30. I credit her provocative questionnaire with being something that really got me thinking about what I would like out of this next decade of my life, and also helped to put the last decade – and the last few years – into perspective. In fact, it was months ago that she sent it over, and it was the perfect catalyst to get me writing again. In a lot of ways, I owe her gentle persistence a great deal of thanks. She had a huge part in helping me to find the inspiration I had been missing.

After I shared Emet’s birth story last week, Kate texted me with some of the most thoughtful and encouraging words, and asked (again) if I would share my answers with her and her readers. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my birthday is on Friday, but something about the timing felt utterly serendipitous.

Thank you so much for having me, Kate! And for being patient with me. I’m so proud of all that you have accomplished these last two years, and I’m thrilled for this next adventure in your life. You inspire me with your honesty and your determination, and I’m grateful for our friendship. Love love love you!