Nineteen Week Belly Shot, 10/22/13

I think it’s starting to sink in. We’re having a baby! And we’re almost halfway there!

I wish I could say that I was feeling better, but the truth is that I still struggle from day to day. I haven’t been writing much of anything lately, and the thought of stringing together coherent sentences in an attempt to capture the poignancy of this time in my life is overwhelming. Making it through the day with all of my responsibilities tended to is about all I can handle.

Yet I can’t help but feel an incredible urge to preserve these moments as best I can, to somehow make them tangible. They are so very fleeting. And they are precious, even if they are trying.

The baby has been moving a lot recently, and I’m so grateful. Feeling those kicks and flutters somehow makes up for the fact that it’s almost three in the morning and I’m awake because I had to throw up. Again.

Before long, I’ll be up at three in the morning again, and not because of an upset stomach. Instead, I’ll have a tiny baby to care for.

I can’t wait.



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Expect the unexpected, that’s what I always say. Which doesn’t exactly mean that I was prepared for the surprise our family received this summer.

Indeed, just one day after we celebrated Emet’s tenth birthday, we learned that a new member of our family will be joining us this spring.

My sweet mister and I are having a baby and we couldn’t be more excited!

I’m 17 weeks pregnant, and still fighting a daily battle with nausea. It got the best of me for a few months, and I blame my absence from this dear little blog on the fact that it’s been twelve consecutive weeks of waking up in the middle of the night to vomit. Yeah, baby.

Last week, our midwife proclaimed both the baby and I in excellent health. We were able to capture the sound of the baby’s heartbeat, which has been on constant repeat for the past several days.

The sweetest.

Welcome to the family, Baby Baker! We can’t wait to meet you!



pardon the poor image quality, but this is one of my all-time favorite shots

I have rebellious chi, is what I learned from my very first acupuncture appointment.

You see, my next door neighbor is the greatest, and when he found out that I wasn’t feeling so well, he insisted that I see his acupuncturist. Being the no-nonsense kind of guy that he is, I was surprised by his enthusiasm for alternative medicine, and I took his recommendation to heart.

I think I told the good doctor that I was nervous at least a half-dozen times during our initial consultation. Needles aren’t really my thing. Except tattoo needles, but that is an entirely different subject.

As it turns out, acupuncture is exactly what I thought: little needles and being still. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was the almost immediate sense of relaxation that resulted. I’ll admit that I have a long way to go before I’m able to fully surrender to the experience – I talked myself out of ringing the bell to call for assistance on three occasions – and I only feel slightly foolish for allowing a silly thing like fear keep me from something that is truly beneficial in maintaining equilibrium.

Today was the first time in over two weeks that I didn’t taken a nap. Not that I didn’t want to take a nap, napping happens to be one of my signature talents, but that I didn’t need to take a nap. A small miracle, I say.

My assignment for the week is to spend more time meditating, in an effort to harness my individual energy.

And by “spend more time” of course I mean “start”.