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So, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. All the excitement of last month finally caught up with me, and I’ve been in bed since Sunday recovering.

Not all is lost!

For my birthday, my sweet mister gave me the kitchen appliance I have been coveting for the longest time, and many a chocolate milkshake have I eaten as a result. And a few orange creamsicles, too.

Here’s a tip: Topo Chico is the sparkliest of all sparkling waters and oh so refreshing. So yes, I’m starting to feel better, thank you.

Our little family watched this short documentary about one of our favorite bands last night. We were lucky enough to see them at Coachella before they officially started their tour and it was pretty amazing hearing those songs that I’ve loved for years finally played live.

And now it’s August!



A while back, my mister and I discovered an Austin, TX based musician called Shakey Graves. It was love at first listen. Last year, while in Austin for a wedding, we got to see him play at Stubb’s and it was just perfect.


Tonight, he’s playing at Soda Bar here in San Diego, which means I got me a hot date with my love! // @shakeygraves


This morning I woke up so much earlier than I wanted to. It’s just, if there is one thing I am really bad at, it’s sleeping in. That, and laundry. But that is not what this is about.

Thanks to one of my dearest girlfriends, we found out rather last minute that this band is playing locally tonight. And wouldn’t you know it, but my mister just loves this guy. So that’s where I’m headed this evening, to listen to music at a venue I kind of don’t really like. But I get to hang out with people I love and drink cheap cerveza so not all is lost. Plus, discovering music is kind of one of my favorite things, especially good live music.

But I can assure you that there will be a bath in my future, which doesn’t have as much do to with what I’m talking about as I’d like it to, but there you have it!

Also, I promise not all of these daily posts will be as rambling and pointless as this one is turning out to be, but I’ve been fighting with style sheets all day long, so I blame the fact that I just don’t speak computer.

But my mister does! And he saved the day, like he usually does. Which means that there’s nothing I’d rather do tonight than go to a crowded bar in a weird part of town to hear live music with him.