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On Wednesday I tweeted:

I’d like to rephrase. It was the best week. It was the worst week.

Oy vey iz mir.

But! We did have a pretty spectacular meal at our favorite Thai spot last night, and I’m wondering why I have never ordered the Fresh Rolls before? Game changer, those things.

Count that as my lesson: trying new things in familiar places might make for a whole new experience.

If your week was anything like mine, I figured you could use a little something to help you cheer up. So here is a video the mister showed me yesterday that really touched my heart.

On a similar topic, I came across this statement from Questlove regarding the Zimmerman verdict, and it’s worth a read.

Back when I was a student at NYU, a few friends and I were faithful ASSSSCAT devotees. I have always thought of that time as the heyday of the UCB Theater and when I read this interview with Amy Poehler and she mentioned the energy of the New York Comedy Scene, I sort of felt like she was talking about those days too. Ranger out!

I’m looking forward to some quiet family time this weekend, and possibly a trip to the beach. And lots and lots of chocolate ice cream.



I miss blogging. There, I said it.

But oh, it’s true. And it’s ridiculous that I haven’t just up and started writing again. Only, I seem to have gotten rather shy?

It’s hard to come back from anything, I suppose. And for a long time, I felt like writing would only make me more sad, because that’s how sad I was. I use the past tense lightly here because, quite frankly, I’m still kind of struggling, but in a better-ish sort of way. Thanks, San Diego!

Living in Oregon taught me that, while I’ll always have a hole in my heart the size of New York City, I truly am a California girl. Moving back to California has taught me that there is a lot more to happiness than good weather.

I came to pieces little by little and putting myself back together seems to be a remarkably similar process. Writing was once at the core of my daily life, and it was then that I felt most connected, inspired, and productive. More than just writing, though. Sharing my story. And learning from the stories shared by others. There is endless amounts of wisdom woven into the many individual, complex, and human stories that live on the internet. And there is community. It’s really pretty great.

Therefore, in an attempt to shake off the last of the heaviness of those grey Pacific Northwest skies that apparently tried to swallow me whole, I have declared enough with this nonsense and back to it already.

I mean, really.