I’m trying to stay off my foot, which has officially been diagnosed as broken. A hairline fracture, but still very painful and not at all convenient. Thankfully, I’m told it should heal within three weeks and I’m receiving excellent care from my friends and family.

I did come across this buzzfeed, which I think adequately sums up life at NYU back in the day. Polar Vortex or not, I will always love New York.

This week was an eventful one, and I’m looking forward to relaxing as much as possible this weekend. Doctor’s orders!



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On Wednesday I tweeted:

I’d like to rephrase. It was the best week. It was the worst week.

Oy vey iz mir.

But! We did have a pretty spectacular meal at our favorite Thai spot last night, and I’m wondering why I have never ordered the Fresh Rolls before? Game changer, those things.

Count that as my lesson: trying new things in familiar places might make for a whole new experience.

If your week was anything like mine, I figured you could use a little something to help you cheer up. So here is a video the mister showed me yesterday that really touched my heart.

On a similar topic, I came across this statement from Questlove regarding the Zimmerman verdict, and it’s worth a read.

Back when I was a student at NYU, a few friends and I were faithful ASSSSCAT devotees. I have always thought of that time as the heyday of the UCB Theater and when I read this interview with Amy Poehler and she mentioned the energy of the New York Comedy Scene, I sort of felt like she was talking about those days too. Ranger out!

I’m looking forward to some quiet family time this weekend, and possibly a trip to the beach. And lots and lots of chocolate ice cream.