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Christmas, I can’t believe you’re here!

What a year it’s been for this little family of mine, a year filled with surprises and a whole lot of growth. Our life has blossomed here in San Diego, and this has truly been one of the most magical seasons of all my 31 years.

As we were exchanging gifts, I sat back and watched my two kids shower their parents with the sweetest and most lovingly crafted presents. They spent their piggy bank money on chocolate bars for us, and worked together to paint and sew and wrap packages for us all to unwrap. My mama’s heart overfloweth! I could not be more more proud of those two, I tell you, they are the most magnificent young people in all the land. Only, they’re not quite so young these days, and every now and again I am reminded just how big they’ve gotten. I will never forget the tenderness of this morning, not ever.

The rest of today will be spent in my most favorite way, dancing around in the kitchen making a festive feast for the ones I love, followed by cookies and a movie. And maybe even a game or two of Catan. Heaven.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a poignant time, and already I can sense the potency of this day and the next few to come. It won’t be long now before we welcome 2014, the birth year of our baby!

We are a lucky bunch, and today our home is positively bursting with love and gratitude for all that we have, and for each other most of all.

Merry Christmas, Friends!