I’m trying to stay off my foot, which has officially been diagnosed as broken. A hairline fracture, but still very painful and not at all convenient. Thankfully, I’m told it should heal within three weeks and I’m receiving excellent care from my friends and family.

I did come across this buzzfeed, which I think adequately sums up life at NYU back in the day. Polar Vortex or not, I will always love New York.

This week was an eventful one, and I’m looking forward to relaxing as much as possible this weekend. Doctor’s orders!



I’ll admit that the whole concept of a standing restaurant date eluded me altogether. That is, until one fateful Saturday last winter, when the mister and I wandered into a neighborhood cafe, lured by the promise of fancy mimosas.


We have been back every week since.

I’m not exactly sure what took us so long to discover the simple joy that is brunch, but it has quickly become our favorite way to celebrate the weekend. Lately, we’ve managed to convince our dearest friends to join us in this indulgent little ritual. This only added to the festivity, thereby further cementing its necessity as part of our weekly rhythm. And there’s something kind of special about being a bit of a fixture at a local haunt. Where everybody knows our name!

It just so happened that today we managed to have brunch sans children, which means the four of us adults sat and chatted at a restaurant table for nearly three hours. Good. Times.

Cheers to the weekend, friends! Stay cool out there!