I should start by saying that I don’t love online shopping to begin with, and my recent experiences are not helping change my mind.

That virtual IKEA cart I mentioned?  Well, the items have all been purchased and are scheduled to arrive toward the middle of NEXT MONTH!  That’s like a century in Quarantine Years!  To further my frustration, the dresser I ordered to solve the riddle of storing the kids’ clothing arrived damaged and needs to be returned.  And, after seeing it in person, I can’t decide if I want it replaced or find a different one that fits within both the peculiar dimensions and our limited budget.

On top of everything else, I feel like I have hit a wall.  We keep doing the days, to quote an adorable child of an acquaintance, but I’m ready for a break.  There isn’t a mother on Earth who loves being with her family more than I and yet the first words I spoke to B yesterday morning were to tell him that I needed Roux to leave me alone for a few hours, which is the homeschool equivalent of calling in sick.

I’m sure it does not help that Operation Garage Organization is off to the kind of start that brings more chaos before it brings order.  Surely I can’t be the only one who makes a bigger mess while she’s cleaning up?  

It’s the middle of the week and items are getting added to the list more quickly than they are being eliminated.  But! I got a new step stool and literally cannot believe I have lived all of these years at my height without one!  It’s revolutionary.  

You better watch it, Wednesday.  Mama’s in a mood. 

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