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Summer is finally here, and she brought along with her a few things that I’d been missing. Like riding my bike. And this silly ol’ blog.

This season has gotten off to a splendid start, as this has been one of the best weeks I’ve had all year. So many miles of San Diego streets have been explored, I’m starting to feel like a local. Not to mention the fact that, thanks to my guy, I have a nifty new home for all of my adventures. Also, our last minute decision to see Baths ended up being the most perfect date night, so pretty much my happiness sensors are overloaded and I couldn’t be more grateful.

That supermoon had magical powers, I just know it.

More than anything, this week has taught me that if you want something with your entire heart, and if you’re willing to be patient and do the work, the Universe will conspire to bring it to you. Actually, I learned that lesson from Paolo Coelho in 2004, but I didn’t really believe him until a few days ago.

Which brings me here, to the next chapter of my story, one in which I have sort of grown more into myself. I have big plans that I am thrilled to put in motion, starting with my very first ever weekly series.

And with that, I give you a few of my favorite finds from from here and there:

This inspiring letter from a woman responding to a question Harvard asked her 51 years ago.

These interesting charts comparing leading actors’ ages to that of their costars, which makes even less sense after seeing this.

As a proud eighties child, this list made me smile.

Lastly, on the day of the summer solstice, I read something that was just the swift-kick-in-the-pants I needed to make me realize that the only thing left for me to do was to just start writing. And so I have.

There’s no stopping me this time, either.

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