One thing I’ve never been good at is taking pictures. I’ve attempted to teach myself photography on more than one occasion but really I just haven’t been committed enough to the process and so my photos never seem to get any better.


My mister says that if I want to take better photos I have to take more photos and so yesterday, I did. With the fancy camera in my hand, we set out for a little walk through the neighborhood.


Oh, this neighborhood. Beautiful homes on beautiful streets, and lots of families with kids. Emet and Jade are especially happy about the fact that friends from school live just a few doors away, a most serendipitous coincidence that has provided many a playdate, not to mention a pretty sweet carpool situation. Thanks, Kacey!


I’m a sucker for finding the beauty in the everyday, it’s a practice that helps me to stay balanced. I often ask myself why I don’t just try to capture these things on camera, and really the answer is because I’m lazy.


But, lo! I have been inspired by yesterday’s adventure and the images that resulted from my being brave enough to just give it a go. Honestly, most were pretty bad, but still. You gotta start somewhere, am I right?


What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to teach myself how to shoot decent photographs, so I don’t constantly have to ask this handsome guy to do it for me.

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