We survived the first week, but just barely. I definitely lost my shit this morning when I couldn’t find the piece to one of the kids’ lunch tiffins that makes the whole thing snap together, so I guess you could say we’re officially back in the swing of things. HA!

The truth is this. I don’t have time to write every day. Not even close. I didn’t get dinner on the table until 9 PM last night, and I most certainly did not fold the laundry in the dryer like I said I would. Nor did I go to the gym. There are five individual schedules to maintain during the week and each one of them is different. It’s a little like spinning plates, I imagine, just as you get one balanced another begins to wobble. I’m constantly doing at least three things simultaneously, with never an opportunity to focus completely on just. one. thing. It’s only the third day of school and I’m already looking forward to our first long break! I’m coming for you, Thanksgiving!

Unfortunately, the one struggling the most during this transition is Roux. He’d really grown accustomed to being surrounded (and doted on, ahem) by his entire family all day long, and then one morning 3/5 of us disappeared for hours. I’m trying to help him as best I can, with extra snuggles and all the comfort nursing his tender heart desires, but I’m also finding it challenging to get anything else done besides. And I had such high hopes!

Instead of trying to control the course, I’m trying to flow with it, a distinctly different approach from my usual tendency to freak out when things don’t go as planned. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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