I swear I had something meaningful to share but now there’s a blank screen in font of me and my brain has turned to mush. This is what happens. And I’m trying my best to break through it.

I did see a rabbit yesterday and then again today only instead of one rabbit there were three. They sky was especially vibrant today, and even though I’m not quite clear headed, I can feel the haze thinning.

There are only six more sleeps until the first school night of the year, followed immediately by the first alarm clock of the year, otherwise known as the first day of school. It’s happening, and all too quickly. I’m trying to squeeze every last drop out of these final few days, but somehow I feel like that is making them pass even more quickly!

Also, the repair man came today and fixed our AC so tonight I’m looking forward to sleeping without a layer of sweat between me and my covers.

Also also, I gave myself a pedicure + a facial last night so yes, I’m feeling really elegant and ladylike today, which is not at all a bad thing in the least. Plus, my sweetheart took me to lunch and bought me my favorite shirt in a new color (it was on sale), so I have nothing to complain about other than the lack of thesis in this here blog post!

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