One of the things I like best about having a very clean and organized house is that I have no choice but to sit and be creative. Or to be adventurous, which I’ve yet to do because it is so unbelievably hot. I can’t be expected to be outside in weather like this, I will actually melt.

I’ve been weaving constantly since last weekend and I’ve made a couple pieces of which I’m rather proud. Like I’ve reached a new place with my design process, refining my inspiration and presentation.

It’s been very cathartic, all this cleaning and creating. Long before I lost the baby, probably even before I was pregnant, I began to feel a restlessness related to my approaching birthday in that I will be one year away from 35.


For whatever reason this birthday feels like a monumental opportunity for reflection and refocusing. My sweet husband is whisking me away for the night, a romantic and relaxing local retreat which is exactly what I need. I’m looking forward to soaking poolside in the (shady) sun, setting clear intentions for the upcoming year, and releasing the things that no longer serve me.

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