Emet and Jade both had what I like to call a healthy fear of the water, a respect for it’s power mixed with an acceptance of their personal abilities.

Roux is not equipped with this at all.

He is pretty much convinced that he can swim, actually swim, and today, after more than a month away from our community pool, he showed us the depth of his conviction. He completely submerges himself and there is just no stopping him. He spent a good thirty minutes being passed back and forth between his father and me, kicking and kind of stroking his arms with his entire face and body beneath the surface. He’s never had a swim lesson, mind you. And he’s not yet two and a half!

I’ve never had an early swimmer before, and it makes me a little nervous. I want to encourage his confidence while also helping him to have an awareness of his limits, for him to understand that he’s almost swimming, but not quite. He’s always had a special relationship with water, he’d walk straight into the ocean if I’d let him, and I want to foster this fundamental aspect of his being. I will always empower him to reach, to strive, to grow, but I do want to keep him safe.

For now, I simply cannot take my eyes off him for a single split second.

To be fair, he was due under the sign of the fish and was born under the sign of the water bearer. It is part of his soul.

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