Roux was awake practically all night long, tossing, turning, calling to me from his bed, unable to keep still even wedged between his father and me. This morning I realized the new moon is upon us, and the restlessness made sense.

He has always been terribly sensitive to lunar energy, just like his mama. This new moon in Leo is especially powerful by way of creative energy and strength in the face of adversity, qualities I in particular am working to cultivate within myself. Leo gives us permission to be freely and unapologetically authentic, to harness the fire and forge ahead with confidence and courage.

I am in the midst of my own personal revolution, there is no doubt. Of what I’m less certain is where this journey will lead, in either the immediate or distant future. What’s surprising is that I’m pretty at ease with the uncertainty of it all. I can’t help but think the pregnancy was diverted on account of something else needing to happen instead, so with deep trust in the universe I’m available to whatever emerges during this next lunar cycle.

May the blessings be.

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