It doesn’t seem possible that half of January has already expired, yet that is very much the case. The late night, early morning theme continues, though now that school has started again, naps have been added into the rotation because mama is tired!

I spent the morning with all three kids at this natural playground in Balboa Park. For the better part of two hours, Emet and Jade worked collaboratively to construct a tipi-like shelter out of bamboo rods and stones. Just as it was about finished, Emet invited Roux to sit inside the little house they’d made for him, and he managed to knock it down in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t even snap a photo in time! The big kids were, of course, devastated. They really had worked so hard. But it provided a good opportunity to talk about how nearly everything in life is temporary. That however remarkable their structure was, and it really was remarkable, it was bound to topple one way or another. The point is that they had fun together while it was being built.

I’m still bummed about the photo part, though.

My heart has been heavy recently, a forlorn mix of longing and loneliness. Two different Yogi Tea bags had love related messages today. Love without trust is a river without water. Love has no fear and no vengeance. I’m sitting with these thoughts as I navigate the delicate state of my heart. Perhaps everything in life is temporary, but some things should last forever.

PS: I posted the seventh piece of my miscarriage recovery story, if you’re interested.

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