I was first introduced to Chip and Joanna Gaines through the Instagram feed of someone with whom I went to High School who now works as an Executive Producer on their show Fixer Upper. While I’ve never seen an episode, I’ve seen plenty of behind the scenes footage to get a general sense of their charming personalities and inspiring work ethic. Their memoir was another one of those books that happened to be stacked near the check out counter of our local library, so I grabbed it. I’m so, so glad I did.

Written in tandem, with respective typefaces, it reads almost like a conversation. She’ll offer one part of the story, and he’ll interject with his recollection, or vise versa. I enjoyed learning about their individual history, but I was really taken by their respect for one another as a couple and even more so as business partners. They quite literally built their industry together, from the ground up, and what they have managed to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time is staggering. And all while remaining true to their very strong value system.

I could easily relate to a lot of what Joanna had to say about being a working mother, and I especially appreciated how she shared that her greatest successes began to materialize once she decided to make family her central focus. She talks about surviving versus thriving, and that it’s often all in the choices we make in how we chose to react. Ultimately, the message I took away from this quick and enjoyable read was that the life of your dreams is waiting for you, if you’re willing to have faith, be patient, and work hard.

Learning more about this dynamic husband and wife team of entrepreneurs couldn’t have come at a better time as I ponder my own future and where I’d like to direct both my creative and professional energy. I’m ready to translate many of my ideas into actionable projects – thinking less and doing more, taking responsibility for what I can and letting go of the rest.

PS: I posted the eighteenth piece of my miscarriage recovery story, if you’re interested.

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