Welcome to your new home, I said to him as he drifted off to sleep.

Welcome to your new home, mama. His last words on his first night under this, the roof that now houses us. All of us.

Almost all of us, Emet and Jade won’t sleep here for another few nights. But then! Oh, but then. All five of us together again, in a place which by all intents and purposes is considered home for each of us.

We live here now.

It’s been quite the road to this new address, but I have a feeling these walls are ready for us, they have felt familiar since the first time I was in their presence, under a new moon full of optimism and promise. And now, I sit in the living room, surrounded by an eruption of boxes and belongings, with a head swollen with ideas and a heart bursting with adoration for our new baby blue bungalow.

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