Any task can be mindful, when you put your mind to it.

For instance, doing the dishes. Because there I was, washing the dishes – and there were a lot of dishes – when all of the sudden, I became aware of the fact that I was having myself a real good moment being in the moment.

The past five months have been anything but easy. (The past eighteen months and thirteen days have been anything but easy.) But recently, I’ve noticed a certain kind of settling. Oh, how badly I want to settle.

All this moving around, all of this uncertainty, and not just from the past five months, or the past eighteen months, but really, from the past as long as I can remember. I’m ready to be still, to plant, to root, to grow.

Relocating across the country, inheriting a Waldorf class midway through their grades journey, these were bold moves. And what I’ve learned about bold moves is that, most of the time, the Universe responds positively. For me, right now, that means discovering the many ways in which I feel at home here in a city that is starting to feel less and less unfamiliar each and every day.

I am making the most of it, and it is making the most of me.

Also, this post is brought to you by three consecutive school district snow days on account of about two inches of snow.

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