At least half a dozen times a day, I think to myself this is something I should write about.

And then?  When the blank screen is in front of me?  I can’t think of anything.

Crickets, I tell you.  Chirp, chirp.

Alas, this is precisely the predicament I am trying to work through – to somehow make writing a daily ritual.  There have been other instances where I have attempted this very thing, and while I might manage to be committed for a period of time, the practice never seems to stick.

This is a theme with most things in my life, ahem.  I’m very good at starting projects, and not so good at completing them.  This isn’t always the case, but it happens more frequently than I care to admit.  I’d like to think that consistency is something that can be cultivated, and that success in one area can evolve into success in other areas when it comes to nurturing better habits.  Here’s hoping, anyway.

One thing I have managed to do every single day in 2019 (so far!) is to shoot little video clips.  My goal is to have at least one second of footage per day which I will mash into a video scrapbook for the year.  There is a fantastic app that makes the process so easy, and I am absolutely loving the way this little project is coming together.  Full disclosure, this is my third attempt and I’m further along than ever before.

Progress, not perfection.  (Wise words from a gal I admire, someone who’s super good at setting goals and even better at documenting her journey.)

I bought a domain today.  Let’s go.

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