I’m at work writing something that is more than just another silly blog post.  It is a true tale, and it gives me chills every single time I think about it.  Trying to put it all into words is proving to be a challenge, and I really want to do justice to this particular story.

But this here is definitely just another silly blog post.

My brain hurts from all the research into plugins and hosting and other such technical internet things that don’t really make much sense to me, but are a huge part of having any kind of website.

With the launch of my Handmade of the Month Club, it became really clear really quickly that the shopping experience needed to be streamlined and much more functional.  As charming as I thought it was to engaged with potential customers via email, more than one person said that I should fix it immediately because nobody has time for a conversation via email. I get it.

Patience is appreciated while a bit of tinkering goes on behind the scenes as this space grows to include a proper online storefront.

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