How many holiday treats is too many holiday treats?

It’s a trick question, obviously, because the answer depends on many things including which holiday and what kind of treat.

Personally, I have yet to meet a Christmas Cookie I didn’t like and don’t even get  me started on the gelt or the latkes because I will eat all of them and then I will eat stuffing for dessert.

That is the kind of Winter Break I’ve had and it’s been glorious and delicious.  One weekend, I baked six dozen cookies and they were all consumed within 24 hours and not a single one of us left the house during that time.  Perfect.

The only problem is that, as much as I enjoy all this celebratory indulgence, I inevitably start to feel crummy from the inside out.  And trust me, that is not at all how I want to be feeling, ever.  But the cycle is so hard to break because just one more cookie!

Today I did the right thing and stocked my fridge choc-a-bloc full of fresh produce and lean proteins.  I made three quarts of homemade broth, and prepped three other dishes that I’ll cook tomorrow in anticipation of a busy week around the corner.  And I dutifully ate the last of the seasonal sugar.  Sigh.

An important thing for me to mention is that my motivation to shift my diet away from foods that are high in starch and sugar content has everything to do with the way I feel internally.  Last Spring, after completing Whole30 for the first time, I felt better than I had in years.  Plain and simple. 

So, all of this to say, it’s on.


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