It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that our school will continue distance learning for the duration of this academic year, and yet as I read the official announcement, it was with a tinge of sadness.  As much as I’ve gotten used to this new rhythm, I am looking forward to when the kids and I can return to our home away from home.

We have been part of our school community for seven years, longer than I’ve remained at any one place in all my life.  I have a lot more to say about what WSSD means to me, but I will save it for anther time.  In a nutshell: we have all grown up there, in so many different ways.  We are all eager to get back.  However, even though we aren’t together on campus, there is still a strong sense of unity and for than I am grateful.  I am also very proud of how quickly we teachers were able to adapt to a digital platform (alas, some of us more quickly than others).

My own teenagers have adjusted quite well to learning online, even if it means more screen time than either have had previously.  Nevertheless, their sprits are high and they are both keeping on top of their school work without too much direction needed from me.

My little one, though.  He’s happy enough to be home, and we do a really good job of maintaining a healthy home rhythm.  But, gosh, he misses school more than any of us.  It probably doesn’t help that I miss it for him, knowing that these are his final months of Early Childhood.  Come next fall, he’ll join his big sister (and me!) in the grades – she in Grade Eight, he in Grade One, and I, Handwork teacher to them both.  While I am certain he will have a marvelous time, I can’t help but acknowledge the tender spot in my heart for his days in the Lilac Kindergarten.

Because he’s in Early Childhood and because Waldorf education strongly adheres to the belief is counterintuitive to healthy incarnation, he does not have the same access to his teachers and classmates as do his siblings.

I’m going to do my best to imbue as much magic and whimsy into our days as possible.  Choosing to reorganize his toys has already made a positive impact on his imaginative play.  I decided to add a few special pieces to our Grimms collection, as well as a hardbound copy of my favorite children’s story series for us to read together over the next few months.  We will continue with our weekly activities: painting, baking, cooking, cleaning, crafting.  And sunshine!  Now that the weather has changed, we are sure to get out for a bit of fresh air and Vitamin D each day. 

He has also surrendered to the fact that, even though he does not prefer it, we have nap time each day. 

(It is mama’s favorite hour.)

Ah, homeschool*.  You really aren’t so bad. 

*Lately, I’ve been getting the most intense flashbacks to homeschooling Emet and Jade when they were little and we lived in a small apartment in an urban neighborhood in West LA.  In fact, that was when I first started “blogging”.  Which could explain why I’m suddenly back here and full of stories to tell?

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