Assuming that school begins next Fall as it normally would, we would return to our classrooms the Wednesday after Labor Day.  That leaves more than four months between then and now.

One quarter year.

As of today, very little remains accessible to us as residents of our beloved city.  The parks, trails, and beaches are still closed, libraries, museums, the zoo, all of the things we normally punctuate our summer vacation with are not currently available to us.  Roux hasn’t been inside an establishment since mid-March.

For the foreseeable future, time at home is what we have, and I’m pretty sure that is why we continue to be in full-on project mode over here.

In no particular order, I present a working task list of our current round of renovations:

-Painting the hallway

-Planting a patio garden

-Awaiting the arrival of three pieces of furniture to help pull two different rooms together

-Debating light fixtures

-The Great Garage Project

-Searching for the perfect mountable bathroom shelf

-Deciding between four different rug options for under the bunkbeds

-Getting art up on the wall

-Drafting plans for the shelf we plan to build in the kitchen

-Deciding if we should build or buy a bedside table

-Mounting the bicycles

And that is just off the top of my head, first thing this morning.  Phew!

We are committed to living here through the end of next school year, and if things keep going as they are, we’ll actually have a living space that has been perfectly tailored to our needs.  For our family of five sharing a small city apartment, that is a very tall order.  However, four months sounds like more than enough time to make our way through this list, customizing every nook and cranny exactly to our liking.

I have recently rediscovered Pinterest.  Come to think of it, I’ve recently rediscovered all things internet circa 2010 and I’m not mad about it in the least.  (I haven’t hopped back on the Twitter train, but these are crazy times!  Anything can happen!  Except Tik Tok, that is a line I will never cross.)  My point is, I am remembering why I first had a romance with the way of the web and I am enjoying blogging and pinning like those are normal things people still do.

Today is for laundry, posting projects in my Google Classrooms, a sunset run by the water, and finishing up the last batch of this week’s boxes pulled from the garage.  Also, knitting, always knitting.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get a nap.  And not a stitch of sugar will be consumed!  All the makings for my favorite kind of (Quarantine) Sunday.

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