I don’t really like admitting defeat, so having to throw out my first-ever attempt at starting seeds was slightly disappointing.  I refilled the egg carton we’re repurposing as a greenhouse and replanted using a slightly different method than before.  Fingers crossed we get at least a sprout or two instead of close to a dozen duds like last time.

When Roux and I set out to plant this container garden, we really didn’t have any ambitions other than it was spring and it felt like a good “school” activity to do since it’s most definitely something that would’ve happened were he in class.  But now, I’m fully committed and determined to eat at least one porch tomato this summer, if not an entire bowl of salsa.

One thing that did survive the last round are the little illustrations Roux made for each of the seeds we planted.  I had them laminated at my local office shop and we glued a popsicle stick to the back of each.  Once the seeds take and it’s time to transplant the starts to the vessels patiently awaiting their tender roots, we’ll use these as garden markers.

I’d hardly call it a DIY, but it is a simple handcrafted touch that makes an otherwise ordinary item rather special.  Assuming they hold up well enough to use over multiple planting seasons, they will be sweet momentos of the kind of pictures Huckleberry drew with his six year old hands.  I’m looking foward to adding these little treasures to my bountiful collection of rocks painted by my children over the years.

When we first moved to this apartment, I had no intention whatsoever of cultivating a garden and now I’m practically tripping over myself with plans to transform our cement porch into a miniature urban homestead.

You know, assuming I can get the seeds to grow.


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