Did you know that NASA suggests keeping one houseplant per each 100 square feet of your indoor living space?  Challenge accepted!

I picked up the sweetest little blooming succulent from the farmer’s market over the weekend.  It was our first time at the Mercado since it reopened, and while there I realized it was actually our first time there as a family since moving back to this neighborhood last fall.  We’d gone there with empty bellies, hoping to fill them with prepared vendor foods but, alas, that does not seem to be happening post-quarantine.  Instead, we ate almost an entire bag of sun drenched cherries, their sweet juices reflecting the warmth of midday.  The kids nibbled on a baguette dipped in fresh hummus, and the mister and I treated ourselves to iced coffees from our favorite local shop.

Yes, a relaxing weekend was precisely what I needed to charge into this week at full speed.  I’ve got a fair amount of work ahead of me, a decent chunk of just-for-fun projects I’d like to spend some time developing, and at least three runs I plan on taking.  I’ll admit that I wasn’t able to wait two full days before diving into Inbox Bootcamp, and yesterday I emptied out both my inboxes while waiting for the laundry to dry.  The next challenge in my quest for ultimate organization is archiving both my printed and digital photos.  I’ve uncovered some spectacular vintage images from my childhood, and from when my big kids were my little kids.  I’d love to get them into some sort of album or digital scrapbook, instead of piled (neatly!) in boxes on a garage shelf.

The flock of wild parrots that lives outside our window is performing their morning chorus, which usually means its time for me to get the little boy out the door for a stretch of the legs and a dose of fresh air.  He’s quietly drawing at the moment, though, so I might steal a few minutes to knit before he inevitably announces it’s time for us to “go already, mama.”

I’ve got a good feeling about you, Week 10.  Show me what you got.

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