Sadly, something happened on the backend of my blog and now my editing tool appears wonky to me. Who knows what this is even going to look like on the other side. I’m not a tech person, I’m a text person: I write English words and I absolutely do not write computer code.

We did nothing out of the ordinary today other than it was a Monday and distance learning was not in session. We had no plans to celebrate the holiday in any way; no special menu had been planned or anything of the sort. Yet, it’s after six, and it’s been the most gloriously slow day which has ended up feeling entirely special and altogether memorable.

Having two teenagers and a child in kindergarten is what I imagine it’s like juggling balls of different sizes and weights. And, I’m a terrible juggler so this analogy is already not working out well for me, but my point is each ball demands the same amount of awareness while also each requiring a different sort of finessing to keep it moving steadily in the mix. To the casual observer, it’s all juggling. But the juggler knows a bean bag and silk don’t need the same thing.

For me, some days I feel like I’ve got a handle on my act and others I feel like I have been asked to perform in a show I’ve never even heard of. There is a lot of life lived between just-turned-six and nearly seventeen, and often it seems like it’s all happening at once.

Which makes a day like today – without an agenda or a to-do list – all the better. Everyone relaxed into each other’s company, we all watched the same movie at the same time, we had a great dinner, and there’s a little time yet before the bedtime ritual begins and we head into another week of distance learning and filming video tutorials.

I see more people on the streets these days. This afternoon, while we were sitting in our makeshift front yard, an entire group of leisure cyclists – not people in their coordinated outfits on their expensive road bikes, but regular folks on cruisers with loud speakers and absurd handlebars – cruising down our street. B joked it was like a Memorial Day parade and it made me only a little sad that it wasn’t.

There are things I look forward to returning to once we’re able, but I’m also quite enjoying these late spring days at home.

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