It’s coming on 10 PM and I’ve been suddenly struck with a most blustery second wind, which is fine by me since the earlier part of the day was a little choppy.

For starters, I didn’t charge my phone while I slept last night, meaning I was operating with red-level battery from the very beginning. Considering today was meant to be captured in photographs for my Project 26, it was a less than ideal way to kick off the day.

Nevertheless, errands were run, tasks completed, and one wild Huckleberry kept his mama plenty busy right up until just a few minutes ago when he was finally tucked under the covers, albeit a full two hours past his bedtime.

It’s not often I have actual energy to channel at this hour. While there are plenty of productive things I could be doing (writing reports, ahem), I’m heading straight for some much needed self-pampering.

Summer, am I right?

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