I’m tired. Are you tired? Surely, you must be tired. This is tiring. This quarantine, this working from home whilst homeschooling, these protests. It’s all so overwhelming.

It was over ninety degrees in San Diego today, which is practically scorching. Something about the heat has scrambled my brain because there is not much happening by way of firing synapses or the formulation of coherent thoughts.

I did discover that my deadline for writing narrative end-of-year student reports is a full three weeks later than I had originally thought, which felt like a huge victory amidst all this mental unrest.

I’ve been noticing that my eyes have been bothering me more than usual, hardly at all surprising given their excessive screen exposure as of late. I finally went in for an eye exam yesterday to discover that my previous prescription is actually too strong. This is confusing not only because I haven’t worn my glasses in close to a year, but also because does this mean I should keep not wearing them? Who’s to say!

Tomorrow begins the first round of class farewells. The end really is beginning and I am quite ready.

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