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This has been one hell of a harsh Winter, which is saying a lot since last Winter was its very own kind of doozy. Maybe it’s a Winter thing? And I’m not even talking about the weather!

I’ve had a song on repeat as my own personal anthem, inspiring me to keep on keeping on even as the fires ignite faster than I can extinguish them. This has been a season of learning for me, great lessons I might not have learned any other way. I’m always grateful for the learning, it is so very good for my soul. Where there is learning, there is growth, is what I’ve come to think of the matter. Although, I’m more than ready to take a break from my studies, if you know what I mean. A full gap year, even, so I can put into practice all this new wisdom I’ve gained. Knowledge isn’t power if it isn’t applied, said a wise man once, which sounds about right to me.

Do yourself a favor, and find thirty minutes to watch this. Jenny Lewis is not only talented and beautiful, but she’s honest and kind of a bad ass when you get right down to it. I’ve loved her since long before the days of Rilo Kiley (HELLO, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS), and her music has provided an eerily fitting soundtrack for the last decade of my life.

And if you can’t watch the whole video, at least watch the live version of the track I mentioned above, which is part of the full interview.

PS: TBH is on Netflix right now, get on that!



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Monumental. That’s about the only way I can think of to describe this week.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind of day trips, family reunions, playdates, sleepovers, not to mention one very important birthday party. My heart (and my belly) is full. Life is good.

I learned the best surprises are the ones least expected.

Most of my time over the last several days has been spent offline, but I did read this great article about a woman who started a blog about learning to live by facing her fears, and I’ve decided to adopt the last line as my personal mantra for this summer: “‘Wheee!’ makes everything less scary.”

A very hot bath and my beloved foam roller are in my immediate future, followed closely by a Mexican coke spiked with cherry bitters because I’m crazy like that. Ok, ok, and NetFlix.

Weekend, ahoy!