Huckleberry and I are spending the night in LA, a quick trip to visit some of my dearest friends whom I hardly get to see. Miraculously, the traffic was in our favor, and we made it to our destination in record time.

Oh, the Valley. My truest home sweet home, the place where I spent all my formative years and even my first few years of motherhood. So many memories live in these streets which always feel totally different and exactly the same simultaneously. This visit is particularly ripe with nostalgia as we’re staying with one of my very best and longest friends who has recently moved back into the home in which she grew up, which means tonight I’m sleeping in her childhood bedroom.

She and her husband have redone most of the house, the kitchen has been completely remodeled, nearly everything has changed in some form or another. I hadn’t been to the house in over a decade yet I knew exactly how to get here, no navigation needed, sense memory leading the way.

Friendships that have endured over decades (plural!) are the most special, and I’m lucky to have several. Getting to spend time with a few of these cherished souls is such a treat. And special thanks to that cherubic toddler of mine for falling asleep away from home without hardly any fuss, allowing me to stay up super late with my friends and have way too much fun playing Settlers of Catan!

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