I’m supposed to be writing something substantial and important which is due next Monday, so instead I’m going to write a blog post about mostly nothing. Sounds about right.

Around Thanksgiving, a colleague of mine got me completely hooked on these delightful little treats – Trader Joe’s Honey Mints – and usually I eat one a day except today I ate four and I just might have another. I think that is what stress eating looks like. But they only have three ingredients! They’re practically health food! Also, I did not know they could be purchased through Amazon until fifteen seconds ago, so even if you don’t live near Trader Joe’s, you too can enjoy the most delicious peppermint patty you’ve ever tasted.

I have been singing my kids to sleep since forever, each of them has their own favorite lullaby. Recently, my toddler has gotten into the practice of demanding multiple lullabies and it’s equal parts annoying and adorable. If I start to sing the wrong one, he’ll stop me and say something like, “No! Sing the Twinkle!” (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, in case you weren’t clear.) His favorites at the moment are Moon River, which he pronounces “rifferd”, or this strange version of the traditional Lullaby, the words of which I made up years ago when my firstborn was still a baby and for some reason those lyrics have endured. He also absolutely loves Rise and Shine, a funny song about Noah and his ark, which is the opposite of a lullaby but there are several verses and I sing them slowly and quietly so it sort of works. I never want to forget these moments when he’s cuddled into the crook of my arm, half asleep, dictating his nightly playlist.

It’s been three days without coffee and let me just say that tea is not nearly as much fun as coffee. Caffeine is no friend of mine, sadly, so I’m trying my best to embrace the ritual of herbal tea. Love at first sip, it is not. I welcome any suggestions from you tea lovers out there, I understand there are quite a few of you. But I bet none of you live within walking distance to James Coffee Co., I’m just saying.

Alright, I’ve prattled on quite enough for one night, methinks. Time to avoid my writing assignment by watching more Drunk History.

Thank you, and goodnight!

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