For our last family meal in this house, we made burgers. Easily everyone’s favorite, because that Mister Baker makes a damn fine cheeseburger. As we sat around the table, my mind travelled to all the many meals we’ve shared together. Most of our earliest moments as a newly blended family revolved around making and eating food together, when I had just begun writing Small Time Cook.

That was a time when love was what mattered most. We focused on each other, the kids, our dreams, our plans.

Cooking alongside my handsome husband, cooking for my family, this family, will always be my favorite thing to do. I look forward to the day when we’re once again gathered around a table in a home that we share, eating food that we have prepared together.

For now, I’m grateful to the hundreds of silly old blog posts to sift through to remind me of when what mattered most was what we were going to eat for dinner.


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