Well, yesterday went just about as well as a third day of a cleanse of this kind can go, even in spite of the 7.7 mile walk in a blistering heatwave, all to accomplish an errand that needed to happen on time, even though our car is otherwise unavailable at present. I suffered my first sunburn of the season, though I wore a hat (and a bandana around my neck to protect my décolloté because I’m that many years old). I went to bed early.

And then it was day four! The day when the fog of the first few days has lifted, and the fatigue that was present pre-cleanse is starting to fade dramatically. This is not my first experience with this kind of cleanse, and this is definitely not my worst experience. So far, so good.

We have started to actively prepare for our imminent departure. We might have even found a house, fingers crossed! We also started a Go Fund Me campaign in support of our relocation fuel fund, because every little bit helps. This is a costly endeavor, but one that I’m genuinely excited about.

I have waited years, over a decade, to finally take a grades class of my own at a Waldorf school. I could not be more excited about the class I have inherited for this upcoming school year. I will be teaching a combined Grade 4/5, and not only am I thrilled about working with this age group and the corresponding curriculum, but my very own daughter will be a student in my class. I know for some people that is not a good dynamic, but for Jade and I, it is going to work marvelously. And while she’s heartbroken to bid farewell to her beloved teacher at her current Waldorf school, she is very excited to be my student. I’m already grateful for her supportive presence as I prepare my block rotation and lesson plans. We’re going to have a great year together.

As sad as I am about leaving San Diego – and I am extremely sad about leaving San Diego – I’m truly looking forward to what lies ahead. This cleanse, this move, it all seems as though the timing is exactly as it is meant to be. That doesn’t make either any easier, but it sure makes the effort seem worth it, knowing the intention is pure and the heart is open to whatever might come next.

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