This heart of mine, it just keeps breaking.

I have held on as long as I could possibly stand, much longer than I should have. It isn’t like I expected things to shift dramatically through the process of this relocation, but I did want there to be some levity, some shared excitement in the start of this next chapter. Instead, only more distance, more indifference, and not even the tiniest bit of warmth or connection.

Today is would have been our seventh anniversary. Instead, it’s just August 20. The eve of a new moon and a solar eclipse, a once in a lifetime experience. And how incredible it is that we just so happened to make our way to a place where the eclipse will be total. And not only that, this transformational celestial presentation is occurring in Leo, my sun and rising sign, one degree shy of where it rests in my birth chart. The significance of the timing of all of this is not at all lost on me. Which is why I have chosen to set clear intentions as I move into this next phase of my life.

I will not settle for anything less than what I know is possible. A love so true, so uplifting, so encompassing, that I won’t ever have to question whether or not it is real. I know, deep in my heart, this time is for me to heal, to grow, to become. I can no longer give my energy to that which does not serve me, which shatters my spirit, which inhibits my own wellbeing.

I carry all that is good with me into the future, I dispense all that is negative.

I commit myself to myself.

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