I’m totally distracted by Roux and his dad coming up with different rhymes and numbers for “Hickory Dickory Dock” in the other room. Our apartment is tiny, and I’m over here quietly laughing at the sweetness that is getting to overhear this little interaction.

Childhood is funny like that, the things you want to hold onto and remember. One of my children has definitely firmly left his childhood behind as he now stands very proudly in his adolescence. It’s a remarkable transition to behold, gradual and then sudden in its progression, and it magnifies the rapidity with which we have all grown and changed over the years. Little voices do not last forever!

I totally forgot that today was the first part of a two-day training for all the faculty at our school, and, as such, I found myself ill-prepared and under nourished as I finally succumbed to my hunger with a plateful of guacamole and half a baguette. Alas, there are still thirty more days left in March and therefore just enough time for me to complete the Whole 30 on time.

Besides, not only did I join the gym today, I actually worked out at said gym and broke a sweat doing so. This is good, very good.

Again, I am reminded of the idea of progress over perfection and it is helpful in both recognizing the ways I am successful and also reducing the need to get caught up on the instances where I fall short of my desired objective. I slipped a little in my quest to dramatically alter my eating habits, but I did exercise at an actual health club facility. It all balances out, and I am just fine with that.

Tomorrow there is more training, but I’ve got an alarm clock set early enough for me to prepare and pack myself plenty of snacks. Then afterward, I’ll drive over to the gym for the second day in a row.

At least, that is the goal.

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