Here’s a little brain bender to kick off the weekend: we are now closer to next Thanksgiving than last Thanksgiving. Which is absurd, because wasn’t it just Valentine’s Day?! Quarantine has had the unusual side affect of causing time to stagnate and accelerate simultaneously.

The seventy-fifth day shall be remembered as the one where Huckleberry finally came out and about with me for a day full of errands. We went to the Target, the Home Depot, and the Joann’s, and then later to the Michael’s and the Whole Foods. He’s a great sport about wearing his custom mask, and he was so pleased to finally be beyond the walls of our home for longer than a walk to the post office. I’m not sure we’ll make a habit of this, but it was a delightful day spent, just the two of us.

I managed to find a suitable fabric for binding the quilt, and did just that. Immediately after finishing the last stitch, I handed it over to someone who had decided it was just the thing he needed to ward off the threat of any possible bad dreams tonight.

There’s an entire weekend full of craft projects for me to look forward to, but first, my mister and I have a long overdue date to catch up on The Office. Throw in a pair of Yoga Toes and some sparkling water, and that right there is my idea of a perfect Friday Night.

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