I have never actually read the Whole30 book, but I’m guessing it suggests a similar code of conduct as Fight Club – the first rule of Whole30 is you don’t talk about Whole30. Because, let me be honest here, maybe four hours after I published my thoughts on the matter, I discovered a forgotten-about bar of chocolate in my pantry and ate half of it in a matter of seconds.

So, that happened.

Not to worry, though. As of today, I’m back on the wagon. The fact of the matter is that at the beginning of May, I set a few personal wellness goals and have not managed to meet any of them. I’m letting myself off the hook though, because my wins from this month have been significant and several of them involved physical labor. It was not without a lot of sweat and muscle strain that the Garage Project and the rest of our space came together with blazing rapidity. Many of the days we spent working were long and hot and I wasn’t too concerned that I didn’t managed to get out for my run.

Now that Jade’s birthday has been properly celebrated, our space is functioning more efficiently (and more stylishly!) than ever, and distance learning is beginning to wind down for the summer, I’m ready to focus on moving more consistently and reestablishing balance in my diet.

Maintaining long-term health is a primary objective of mine, and I know so much of it depends on how I care for myself. As I mentioned, I’m on my way to 40, and plan to arrive in top form all around.

I’ve managed to get a handle on most of life in quarantine except this aspect. It has become my mission to cultivate more discipline surrounding physical activity and nutrition. Undoubtedly, it is going to take stepping far outside my comfort zone (the gym, dance classes, relying on quick trips to the market) in order for me to succeed. Ordinarily, I’d be awfully reluctant and terribly ornery about having to get creative and be patient, but that isn’t the case. Instead, I’m inspired and motivated.

Taking that and running with it. Literally.

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