Eleven weeks down. And the month of May, which undoubtedly was a pivotal period for me, forever distinguished as the time I got my shit together.

The first phase of our tiny apartment renovation concluded just a little over two weeks ago, and since that time, I have gone on to complete a slew of other projects that had either lingered unfinished, or had never gotten started in the first place. I’ve got new ideas brewing and plans in place to revamp my little online shop.

My focus for the next two weeks is entirely on school and wrapping up the year as best we can given the unfortunate circumstances presented by distance learning. Ordinarily, I’d be counting down the days, celebrating this as the second to last Sunday of the school year, my gaze set firmly upon the long and lazy summer days ahead, but…it all seems so terribly anticlimactic.

I was exactly between Roux’s age and Jade’s age when the Rodney King riots took place. Growing up in Los Angeles, these were very significant events in my childhood. Not because I was anywhere near the riots – I only ever saw the televised footage – but because I was so close and yet so far away from them. I remember that so distinctly, and I wasn’t yet ten.

Nearly thirty years later, it seems not much has changed. I’m painfully aware of the privilege I have sitting here in my comfortable bedroom rambling on about my goals and my creative adventures. I have never been a “take it to the streets” kind of protestor, I have always been more of a practical activist. I do my best to raise my children to be kind, to be aware of themselves and others, and to do their part to help those in need. I strive to examine my own perspective and to actively seek out learning opportunities.

Tomorrow we step into a brand new month, an invitation to turn the calendar page and start fresh. I’ve got my priorities outlined, the very best of intentions, and a whole lot of hope for the future.

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