We made it to June!

Teachers and students alike look forward to this month, anticipate its arrival, and celebrate like mad once it’s finally here. June is when things get a little intense, but then they stop. Full stop. And it is glorious.

Yes, a little anticlimactic. Yes, terrible things are happening and it is important that you are talking to your loved ones about privilege and its many forms. Yes, we are beginning our twelfth week in quarantine.


It is the month we will officially finish this strange school year, and herald the kids each rising to a new grade, the littlest one for the very first time. We will exchange our alarm clocks in favor of late nights and long mornings. We will celebrate Father’s Day. We will officially welcome summer. We will (hopefully!) move our vegetable starts to their outdoor beds.

These things are a given. Other than the garden which I hope grows into an annual hobby, these are part in parcel with the passing of time, events that occur in accordance with the natural rhythm of the year. In any other case, I’d add the County Fair to the list of givens, but sadly, that has been postposed.

Beyond the stuff that will happen regardless, is the stuff I want to make happen. The stuff I want to work toward. The good stuff, the challenging stuff.

For me, this month is all about committing to taking care of myself, inside and out. Period, end of discussion.

I’m also going to:

-sew a skirt with serged seams

-ship out all open orders, and then

-relaunch my online shop

-keep writing

-take long walks after dinner

-read a fiction book

-ideally on the beach

-or at the park

-finish that sweater, already

-watch a movie with the big kids

-build a balance beam with Roux

A new month that begins on a Monday is always a little extra exciting, if you ask me. I’m ready, June. Let’s do this.

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