I woke up this morning to a house that was even more transformed than I’d remembered, which is a great feeling.  I smiled a bit remembering how, just a week prior, we were climbing over boxes to get from one room to the next and now, we’re deciding which pieces to hang where and whether or not we need more houseplants. (We do, duh!)

At one point early in the day, before I decided to go out and purchase the material we needed to build the little cabinet that is now in our kitchen, I acknowledged the strong sense of balance I’m experiencing.  Everything is falling into place, I thought.

And then an email came that alert to changes ahead, and I am being asked to make a choice.  This is not the kind of choice that will have any affect upon whether or not the changes happen, or even the degree to which they happen, nothing like that.  This is the kind of choice that will determine how I respond to the changes, if and when they happen to come.

It does not surprise me that earlier this week, I finished reading this little book that had been lent to me months previous by the older sister of my dearest friend.  The book is dated, and more than a little corny, but it is a super quick read and contains a great message about the importance of adaptability.

No matter how much we plan for the future, how certain we are of a particular outcome, how comfortable we are with our routine, there is always always the potential for unexpected change.  The question for me, then, is not whether change is coming, but rather how I will react to change when it does.

For now, I am choosing to focus on the fact that it’s not yet even the middle of May and we are closer to the end of this phase of our project than the beginning.  All three of my kids are sound asleep in a bedroom that came together even better than I’d hoped.  Our apartment is quickly becoming the kind of place that reflects the people it houses and the life they share within its walls.  We are making a home together and it is the most fun ever.

I may not have always been the best at fielding curveballs, and I really won’t know my ability until one is lobbed in my direction.  I do know that my eyes are open and my hands outstretched, and my gut’s got a pretty good feeling my game will not disappoint.

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