Well, it happened.  Even as I sit here now, I’m not sure how.  The only other time I’ve ever felt this consumed by levity was immediately after I gave birth to my first child.

I’d labored 28 hours to bring that baby earthside, and by all accounts I should have been exhausted.  Except, I was floating.  Hours after he’d been born and bathed and brought to my bosom to suckle himself to sleep, I paced the hospital floor fueled entirely by elation and weightlessness.  

When I woke up this morning, my ambition for the day was to finish the last few loose things on the floor of the garage.  There were at least another dozen steps left until completion, and  today was for tackling one of those tasks.  In an effort to beat the midday heat we’ve been having, I was down in the garage before the big kids were even out of bed.

At some point, their dad came to pick them up, and B moved things around with me for a little while before breaking for lunch with Roux.  I just kept going.  And going.

Even after a huge bin of legos exploded all over the garage floor, I kept going.

I did not stop once to check my phone, so I completely lost track of time.  B came to check on me every now and again but he mostly kept Roux occupied so I could focus.  When they finally came down together, I was addressing the very last handful of things needing a permanent home.  By this time, not only had I cleared the floor, but I had somehow gone through the last wall of shelves, organizing my impressive craft artillery.  I consolidated years of collected supplies into categorized storage and all of the sudden, I was finished.

The garage was finished.

Just. Like. That.

We relaxed in our rocking chairs while Roux rode his bike. The first time I had sat down all day, and it was to christen our new curbside lounge area.  I’m really living into my Brooklyn stoop fantasy, and it is absolutely more fun that I thought.

I casually picked up my phone, expecting it to be just after 1 and it was almost 4!  Possibly the most productive seven hours of my entire life, and I kept going for another four after because the inside of our apartment had only a few cabinets left to address.

Which is how it came to be that on the ninth day of the fifth month of this crazy ass year, I finished a project I’ve been putting off since I began acquiring stuff of my own.

Phase one, you’ve been fun!

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