For the second consecutive week, I haven’t necessarily gotten to everything I set out to do each day, but come Friday, my entire to-do list has been tackled even if not precisely on schedule.  I’ve casually slipped into a season of high productivity, and I plan to ride the wave as long as it lets me.

Next week, it will be one month since I switched over to using the Get To Work Book as my primary paper planner.  I am hooked, and there’s no going back.  I’m not sure I’ll entirely divorce the system I use when it comes to planning for school, but as for my personal agenda, I couldn’t be more pleased with how this has helped me focus and, well, get to work.  I mentioned yesterday that I plan to tackle my overcrowded inbox and it is through the help of this course, which is designed by the same gal who produces the product line that is anchored by my new planner.  I have a feeling it’s going to be an excellent investment in amplifying and streamlining my digital communication skills (including organization), and I can’t wait to get started.

But first, the weekend!  It’s a special one because, after three weeks of madness, there is actual space to relax.  As eager as I am to move onto the next thing, I know how good it will be for me to allow that next thing to be enjoying a few days of downtime with my family.

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

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