I am choosing to completely ignore the fact that curbside pick-up is once again available at my local IKEA, which means that I could have waited to purchase what I ordered, avoided the cost of delivery, and I probably would have ended up with my pieces sooner than when they are scheduled to arrive today.

Nevertheless, I am almost certain that if there hadn’t been such a long delay (22 days, I counted), I probably would not have blazed through every other thing on my very detailed to-do list.  The fifty bucks I paid to have the stuff shipped is a tiny sum to spend on an entire home renovation, if you ask me.

Which is exactly what happened here.  We have completed Phase One of our tiny apartment palace renovation, which I only happened to realize after I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “Now what?”

As someone who is notoriously terrible at finishing the projects I frequently start, tackling this project in itself was a big accomplishment, but completing it?  Monumental.

That our home became styled as quickly as it did, though, surprises me more than the fact that I got through all those boxes and piles in a snap.  I’d spent a long time thinking I didn’t have much sense for a well crafted living space, and turns out that is not the case.  Rather, I hadn’t ever felt settled enough – in myself – to make the effort.

I think as grown ups, it’s really easy to forget that although it isn’t not as easily apparent to the eye as when we were children, we are still growing.  Undoubtedly, this does not reflect outwardly in my appearance in any way, but inwardly I am aware of a strong sense of having expanded into something greater than before.  I’m sure there are days when the house will get away from me, as is the case over the course of normal, daily life.  But I know deep in my bones that ever after, I will maintain an organized, thoughtfully curated, inviting living environment.  Nothing compares to feeling at home in our home.

Except maybe the extreme gratification of hard work leading to a job well done.  I’m planning on taking the rest of this week to enjoy the fruits of our labor before diving headfirst into the next major project I’ve had on my one-of-these-days list: Inbox Zero.

And, I promise.  Just as soon as the dang truck gets here (the official four hour delivery window begins in fifteen minutes, so we’re getting very close!), and that workstation gets built and organized, I will put together a little virtual tour – my first ever.

Off to take the little one for a ride in the car with the windows rolled down because Quarantine, continuing her streak of quizzical alchemy, has made that routine activity a full blown adventure.



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