The best part of being the writer, editor, and publisher of this here chronicle is that only I can determine a deadline. The worst part of being the writer, editor, and publisher is that it’s a lot of work. Now that I’m adding photographer to my list of titles, the workload has increased dramatically.

After getting a little wound up about the fact that I couldn’t get some of the photos to upload, and then further wound up about how long the whole process was taking, I stepped back (and into that screaming hot bath), and realized that the deadline I had given myself was flexible, not fixed. It made little to no difference if I shared the post on Tuesday as I had planned, or on Friday when it is more likely to be ready. The point of this photo project is not to stress myself out about turnaround time, the point is to document my day with a camera and then share the images here.

All of which to say, I’m learning.

In unrelated news, I framed two pieces of art today that my handsome husband promptly helped me to hang. That might not sound like much of an accomplishment, but when each of the pictures were drawn when the artists were four years old, and the artists are now fourteen and nearly seventeen years old, and ever since these drawings were created you’ve been keeping them in a folder with the intention of framing them but never have? Talk about a momentous occasion, and on an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.

My little guy took a pretty respectable tumble during our walk to the mailbox this afternoon. He’s been tenderly nursing his road rash for the past few hours and I’m going to console him with an episode of Curious George, which is ordinarily considered weekday contraband.

I suppose it’s been an extraordinary day after all.

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